Kent State Running Club Race Results by Date & Event:

February 13
: Run for Your Heart 15k Trail Race
Sara Harper took 4th female overall

February 19: Chili Bowl 5k
Carly Goldstein finished her first race

March 6: Catch A Leprechaun 5k
Adam Wedekind first race of the year

March 6: Catch A Leprechaun 15k
Louie D'Amico took first in his age group

March 12: St. Malachi Run
Louie D'Amico  took third in the 20-24 age group with 31:41!!

March 12: St. Malachi Run
Adam Wedekind ran his farest distance ever!! RACING! Congrats on a great 5 miles Adam
Finished in 49:07.

April 2: Black Squirrel 5k
Carly Goldstein finished her second race of the season

April 9: Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k
Adam Wedekind-5k
Louie D'Amino-25k turned 20 miler
Greg Kovats-25k turned 20 miler
Hannah Hughes, Lydia, Sara Harper worked as race volunteers for the KSU Run Club!

May 15: Cleveland Rite-Aid 10k,1/2 marathon, full marathon
1/2 Marathon: Sara Harper: "Party Run" 1:50:14
1/2 Marathon: Kelly Mantera
1/2 Marathon: Carly Goldstein

June 5: Twinsburg Du
Greg Kovats-1st in Age Group!

July 3: Tree City 5k
Louie D'Amico- 18:25  Won age group