Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Workout!

This evening the track workout will take place at 5pm at the outdoor track.
Meet at the student center first.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updated Run Times!

*October 13, 2010: This Wednesday's field house I (Sara) WILL NOT BE THERE AT 5PM.
I apologize, I am on call during this time however I will be running my track workout at 7pm at the field house*
If someone needs a ride, email me!

Updated Run Times:
Monday: 6:30AM
Tuesday: 12:30PM
Wednesday: 5:00PM FIELD HOUSE*
This is the meeting location. If you need a ride, please let me  
 know. This is a track workout. The field house is behind the football stadium.
Thursday: 7:30PM
Friday: 8:00PM

Oct 11 Monday AM-They had a good turnout this week!
Tuesdays: Join us for a midday run!
Like running at night?! Join us Thursday and/or Friday night!

KSU Running Club Shirts: I am waiting to hear back from a discounted screen printer to cut down on price.
Once I have a finalized price, we will place an order. :)

Happy Tuesday

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minutes from the October Meeting

Meeting held on October 5 at 7:30pm in Nixson.
7:35pm: Rescheduling Fall-Winter Runs
All runs unless otherwise noted begin at the main doors of the student center. This is where when you walk in, there are 2 spiral stairs with the indoor water fountain. We will meet just outside to the left by the bike rack. Its the perfect location so runners can go inside and stretch after their warm-up.
*Night runs: Please try to wear bright colors/reflecting clothing. Also bring a light if the darkness bothers you. PLEASE use the 'buddy system' while running at night from a safety standpoint.
   Monday: 6:30AM
   Tuesday: 12:30PM
   Wednesday: 5:00PM FIELD HOUSE**This is the meeting location. If you need a ride, please let me   
   know. This is a track workout. The field house is behind the football stadium.
  *Thursday: 7:30PM
  * Friday: 8:00PM

It was decided that the design we be the black squirrel with "Run Like You Stole Something." If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please email me at The estimated cost is between $12-15.00 for the 'tech t' material. More information will be posted later once it is finalized. The color of the shirt will be a gold/yellow pending cost with black lettering for the writing.

Themed runs will be taking place. Some discussed include the playground run, bog run, graveyard halloween (yes-dress-up) run, tie dye run, and an ice cream run.
Games while running: arrows, indian runs, cadence yellin!

On weekends, there will be adventure runs planned-week by week basis
-(Facebook group-Kent State Running Club for more info).
Long runs with some exploring involved. Ideas include running to: Towner's Woods, Beckwith Orchard's, Ice Cream run

If you would like to be added to our KSU RUN CLUB Email list, About once a month I email out updated information and what's going on with the Running Club.

Once I get the official artwork back on the shirts, I will post it online HERE! YAY!
Also if you are interested in throwing together a last min run, check out the: Kent State Running Club on Facebook! We are listed under groups! Check it outttt