Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Spring Semester Group Run

Thanks to those who could make our last group run today! The weather was actually descent followed by some delicious muffins and coffee provided by the Alumni Association!!

Running Club Awards:
KSU Club T-shirt: Jason
Disturbing the Natives Award: Jeff
Best Muddy Shoes: Greg
Most Improved: Adam
Volunteering Award: Lydia
Volunteering Award: Hannah
King of the Mountain: Jacub

  • We will have group runs in the summer to be determined. I will personally be running with the Crooked River Trail Runners group on Thursday nights in the CVNP.
  • The Races tab has been organized and updated with a wide variety of races. Please send me race results within a week of your event to stay organized.
  • I hope everyone enjoyed the run stop at Second Sole! Reminder there is a discount with your Flashcard ID.

2011 Fall Semester
The run time will stay the same:
Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Friday 3pm
Weekend Runs: TBD

  • Mass Email: I am working on sending out a mass email to all Kent State University
  • Freshman Blastoff: Passing out flyers for new undergraduate students (weekend before school begins)
  • Kent Stater: Run times listed under the 'events' section of the newspaper
It has been a great semester everyone. Good luck on finals!
Sara :)

P.S. I posted more pictures from the past semester and I am starting to post routes with links, distance, and a category: easy, moderate, advanced. I am preparing for mass crowds with this mass emailing and planning ahead!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Last Week of the Spring Semester!


Our last week of the official group runs will take place this Monday, April 25 at 6pm and Wednesday, April 27 at 6pm.
We will have a final meeting at 7:15pm at the Student Center hub where the Alumni Association will be hosting 'Mugs and Muffins' for us! Who doesn't like coffee and muffins!!!

I will be giving out awards and some SWAG (awesome free stuff!) for those who come!!

On another note, Second Sole moved in next to Starbucks Coffee off of Route 59 & Lincoln!!! No excuse guys-proper running shoes are a must!

Wednesday, April 27 Agenda:6:00-6:15pm: Student Center waiting for group
6:15-6:30pm: Run to Second Sole to view the store
6:30-7:15pm: Group run
7:15-8:00pm: Group Meeting/Mugs & Muffins/Club Awards and Swag in the Student Center Hub!

If you would like to dominate a fellow runner for an award in Running Club-let me know! -Sara

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Rain Run

My legs felt great today as I 'broke' in a new pair of trail shoes from Pine Lane to just short of the Boston Store in the rain with Jeff. For months I haven't felt good on the trails due to injury, etc but today was great and I didn't even fall!!

Once I got back to Kent I went to another another jog for an easy 1 mile then did 2 x 1/2 mile intervals with a 1 mile in between on the track. Let's just say there is still some life in my legs..I wasn't trying to go all-out but ran my splits in 2:49 then 2:44. I'll take it.

Training is getting back to being more consistent. School has been throwing off my rhythm lately. Tonight if I can muster up the effort I'll try to do a light trainer ride while tomorrow will consist of an early gym workout lifting, and a training ride between 2-5pm. Sorry again guys I will be missing the KSU group run. It'll be my birthday though I can do what I want right?

Thursday I'll be at the CRTR group run for the epic Easter egg followed by the Lizard...Saturday I plan on going to RATL racing well I'll see how the legs feel.

That's it yo.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi guys!

I have a few reminders!

On Wednesday, April 27 at about 7:15pm will be our last meeting of the year held in the Student Center Hub..It will take place after the 6pm group run and the Alumni Association will be providing Mugs (coffee) and Muffins while getting to meet our group!

I have a few awards to give out and some small SWAG for you guys..BUT You MUST ATTEND to RECEIVE.

Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler race is quickly approaching and if you plan on signing up for the Cleveland Rite Aid marathon...the price will continue to increase towards race day. Sign up soon!!

1) Please let me know if you will be around this summer/next fall
2) If you would like to contribute to writing on our blog-email me at
3) I am filing the paperwork to have a booth at the Blast-Off event next year that highlights student organizations. I will need some help guys.
4) Starting in the Fall Semester I will have group runs listed under the Kent Stater's 'group events' to help increase attendance.
5) I will need volunteers in late August to help post of up flyers in building around campus in preparation for the Fall semester.
6) If you would like to run as an officer-let me know.

That's all.

I cannot attend the group run tonight. Have fun guys. -Sara

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Disturb the Natives

They'll get angry if you use their (allegedly) private drives for a running detour. It's a been a great week since the race-a-thon of 5k's and 25k's ppl have been running lately. This week, running club has gone at least fifteen miles between our two runs so far and it's great to see that kind of mileage after a vexing winter. Today we took a left-hand route down the river, eventually passing the water plant and into unknown territory (Jacob even lost track of where we were) and many of us were going at a very commendable pace. Be forewarned however: Come back from whence you came, lest the locals become aware of your presence on the Forbidden Path!

Live another day, learn another lesson, that's the word. And tell ppl about running club!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jackson Laughs Race, Mugs & Muffins and the Monday Factory Run!

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well as we approach the end of the Spring semester. I have been speaking with the  the Kent State Alumni Association. They are putting together an event for us-The Kent State Running Club called “Mugs & Muffins” along with Student Organizations across campus.  The Alumni Association would like to stop by during one of your last meetings of the year to provide your organization with coffee and muffins.  The Alumni Association is trying to build relationships with other student organizations to see how we can both work together on future endeavors. 

So mark in down!
We are celebrating the end of the Spring semester after the April 27 Wednesday 6pm group run. At 7pm in the student center's Hub we will enjoying "Mugs & Muffins" with the Kent State Alumni Association! I am trying to get my hands on some donated running products to raffle off and if that is not enough- I will be giving out awards for the 2011 Spring KSU RUN Club! Even if you cannot make the run, this will be a great way to recap the semester.
I will also go over some information the the 2011 Fall semester.
(1) We will have a booth at Blast-Off. This is an event that highlights different organizations on campus to new students.
(2) Renewing paperwork for Fall
(3) Briefly discuss officers for next semester. Voting will take place in September.

The Factory Run!
A few of us went out for a great rain run following the 'factory route'. I think Jeff named it-Once going towards downtown Kent, make your way to Lake Street where you can enjoy the site of the factories down to Second Street. The link of the route is posted shortly.

Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k:
April 9: Jackson Laughs 5k/25k
This event need volunteers to assist with aid stations and registration. Jackson Laugh road race is on behalf of the National Fragile X Foundation. For more information, visit I have been assisting with this event and it would be awesome to see the Kent State Running Club out in full force! Feel free to email me for questions at

I will have flyers for the Kent State Running Club with me at Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k. I would be greatly appreciate if a few members wouldn't mind passing out these flyers to help promote the club on campus! If your interested in helping, let me know!

I promised y'all I was going to post the squirrel song.. It goes something like this.....Black squirrel, black squirrel shake your bushie tail, black squirrel, black squirrel shake your bushie tail, wrinkle up your little nose, put a nut between your toes, black squirrel, black squirrel shake your bushie tail!

The end of the year celebration will take place at 7pm (following the Wednesday 6pm night run) in the student center! Mugs (coffee) and muffins will be provided by the Kent State Alumni Association.
-Awards will be given out
-Possibly some raffle prizes
-Free food and cool people!
What's not to love?

Jackson Laughs 5k/25k this Saturday starting at the Dix Football Stadium!
Be there!

Peace out. Sara

Monday, April 4, 2011

Warmest Day of the Year

So what if it's raining or the thunderstorm warnings or the massive down pours that promise to hit. It's time for a RAIN RUN! 6PM-Student Center-Be there.

Next upcoming runs:
Today 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Friday 3pm
Saturday: Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k Event!
Come out and support a great cause! If you aren't up for running, please consider volunteering for the event! Post a comment or email me at if you have any questions!

I still have a few Kent State Running Club shirts for sale if anyone is interested and representing good ole Kent State! See you guys out there this week!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

3 of us Jeff, Louie, and I met up at the student center today at 3pm. Was quite warm and yet a little breezy, much better weather for a run. Amazing what 2 days can do from Snowing to Sunny. Oh Ohio. Anyways, we decided to do that 5k course they have marked around campus a few days early. Ran up East Summit to Main and then just around the main bus hub past the music center and all the way around towards the Ice Arena etc. The "big loop" as I am now calling it. Today was definitely some form of high school tours of the campus. There was groups of about 10-50 walking around different areas of the campus. Why does someone always feel the urge to yell "Run Forrest Run" when they see a group of people running by them? LOL like first off haven't they ever seen another running movie? and 2nd Forrest Gump wasn't even about running... it was a small part of that movie. Well I stopped on 1 loop a little over a 5k. I know we started at like 3:15 and I was sitting in my car by 3:42 so not sure what the time was I wasn't wearing a watch but i'm like the pace none the less. Jeff and Louie continued to do a 2nd loop i'm not sure on the details, I know they picked up the pace for sure.

See everyone monday possibly over the weekend in the rec.