Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running in a Winter Wonderland

So 4 of us were awesome, insane, crazy, hardcore, dedicated whatever you want to call it. Jeff, Jacub, Greg and I met at the Student Center on campus once more and trekked on over to Louie's apartment. Ran up 6 flights of stairs found his place just by running down the halls looking for first names (HAHAHA). He didn't feel like running and I don't blame him. Then proceeded onto the Dix Stadium pathway same as we did Monday night. Snow and slush and puddles galore. Crossed a few bridges covered in like 2 inches of the stuff. On the way back we took a detour through a snowy unmarked path into the woods. Was it actually a shortcut? who knows.. it was adventurous.

- 4.7 miles lots of snow.. hoping for better weather around here somewhere.

See you all on Friday April 1st

3pm right?

- Adam

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Rec Center Track run

Well not an official meetup time, but made some small plans to maybe meet each other at the Rec tonight. Got there around 7pm Greg and I found Louie and Jeff and ended up doing speed intervals tonight. (My first interval workout) Warmed up with a mile probably what like 9 min? Someone let me know.. maybe even in the 8's we were cruising. Started a pyramid 200m fast 200m slow up to 400. The 3 of them pulled away a bit. Small water break in between. Greg, Louie, and Jeff started their 800m race pace as I did a 400. Ran for a good 35min or so total. Definitely the hardest run I have endured. Did a small amount of lifting after. Topped it off with a basketball shoot around. See everyone tomorrow for running club.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday to Dix Stadium Out and Back

So back from spring break tonight on this dreadful cold almost April night (isn't it spring? where is the weather?). 3 of us Louie, Jacub, and myself ran from the meet point in the student center to Dix Stadium. New trail to me it was fun. Stopped in the stadium for a few minutes (it was open). Continued back over a bridge and ended up slowing my own pace a bit. Not sure how far Louie and Jacub ran however Geodistance said I did somewhere in the 4.5-5 mile range. :) It was cold but sunny and dry. Hopefully it warms up by the time Jackson Laughs rolls around on the 9th. Good run you guys, see everyone Wednesday.

- Adam

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Race Report

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break and isn't slacking off on the training too much. I had the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach this Sunday and it was nice to see the ocean. I got there on Saturday and the expo was awesome. A whole convention hall with big name vendors and running stores for all the gear you wanted. It was also nice to try samples of some new products and sports drinks. Big events like this usually have giant expo's and great discounts on lots of gear. My sister got a pair of bright orange Newton running shoes. As Adam would say "2 Flashy." Anyways like the 5 other marathons I have done I wasn't healthy. The night before I felt a lot worse than just a simple sore throat and went to a walk in clinic. Doctor said I had a sinus infection. In 2009 I had a sinus infection the day before this same race. I really don't know why I am so unhealthy for marathons and healthy for all my triathlons. Anyways I knew I would finish but it wouldn't be easy. Race morning was quite chilly. It was about 40 degrees and very windy with the beach being only a block away. The Half Marathon started at 7am and the Marathon at 8am. The start of the race was fairly organized with corrals based on finish time being released every minute. Starting thousands of people at once is very overwhelming and it is easy to accidentally roll your ankle on someone (Philly 2008). I made sure to not go out too fast but with thousands of people around you it is not easy. Even with your Garmin telling you your pace it is so easy to go out too fast. In a 26.2 mile race this is something that you cannot do. If you expend too much energy in the early parts of a race, you will pay for it later. I maintained my pace and kept trucking along. The first few miles things started to spread out and there was room for you to run. The spectators were great and the aid stations were well staffed. By mile 5 everyone was stripping off their long sleeve shirts and hats/gloves they started the race with. I settled into my pace and tried to take my mind off the fact that I couldn't get a deep breath and my legs started to hurt only a few miles in from the lack of oxygen flow to my muscles. I just kept rolling through motivational quotes in my mind like "3 letters not in your alphabet are DNF" and "you can quit and no one will care, but you will always know." By 17 I was in my runners zone and just kept putting one foot in front of another. This was the hardest part of the race since mile 17-21 there were very few spectators since we were on part of the Naval Base. There were soldiers earlier in the race but not now. It became hard to keep motivation. By mile 20 things got bad for a lot of people since this is the time people hit "The Wall." Miles 20-23, the side of the roads were littered with runners walking, stopping to stretch or simply bent over grimacing in pain. These are some of the people that went out too fast and I have been that person in past races. I always tell people, If you are feeling good at mile 15 and want to pick up the pace, wait until mile 20 to do it, when you hit mile 20 you WILL be hurting and won't want to pick up the pace and will be glad you conserved that energy. Once you hit mile 20 it becomes "oh it's only another 10K" but it is a long 10k. What becomes even worse is at miles 22-24 people saying "You are almost done!" It is a long last few miles and one girl had the correct sign that read "Classic spectator lie: You are almost done." Once I got to mile 24 I was running parallel to the beach and mentally it messed with you since you were at 70th street and had to get to the 30's. Of course you tell yourself "don't look at the signs" and you wind up looking at every single one. I tried to tell myself that my knees and legs weren't in agony and needed to toughen up! Those last few miles are simply mental. Before I knew it I was turning onto the boardwalk and running right along the beach. There were spectators for the last 3/4 mile and that really helped. Knowing there were kegs of Yeungling and Irish Stew at the end also provides motivation :). The last mile with all those spectators you feel invincible and with hundreds of people cheering it is an awesome feeling. I crossed the finish line with an official time of 3hrs 57min 27sec which is about 9 min miles. It was nice to finish my 6th marathon and healthy or not, once you cross that finish line, that can NEVER be taken away from you :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Awaits

Hi Runners-
This weeks evening Monday and Wednesday 6pm runs were well attended. Even some of the original run clubbers Kelly and Lexie came out on Wednesday. Great to see everyone...Who didn't all..cough[Greg Kovats].. : ) After Adam mentioned he might be sleeping, our Monday night run had a mission wake up Greg and off to Campus Pointe we went!

Greg had a good point however for someone who does not like running in the mud...

If the Kent State Running Club was able to have a table at the Black Squirrel 5k and/or Jackson Laughs 5k/25k near registration, would we be able to find 4 volunteers total to talk about running club?
For example if the race beings at 8am, would anyone be willing to volunteer on behalf of the club from say 7:30ish-9:30ish approximately? I don't want to approach the race directors just yet if no one is willing to help..Email me at and tell me your thoughts!

The next group run is Friday at 3pm. Remember attendance might be slower than usual with Spring Break...I might be there...TBD. I will be at the Saturday trail run. Details are posting are the group run tab.

Ode to Spring Break in Cleveland
Oh how I look forward to gray skies and gray lakes
As long as it is not snow, I will get what I can take
TNT Tanning will give me my perfect bake
Who needs the perfect wake?
Instead I will eat cake
And make
and BA poem about my SPRING BREAK!

Oh yeahh my English teachers would be so proud...So wait till next weeks poem about the black squirrel. Yes I am serious.

Enjoy the week off. You deserve it. Give yourself a hug!

:  The Ledges
Time:  8:30 am
Speaker:  Lee Conner
We will be raffling off a pair of Montrail Shoes, hydration, nutrition samples and other store goodies.  The store will be open to clinic attendees only...special discounts as well!!!
RSVP to :  (me) Sara Harper (  and I will forward your RSVP to the organizer of the event.
Stay tuned for more details and invite anyone and everyone you know!! All are welcome, it's a clinic for newbies, men and women combined!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain Runs and Racing

Hi Runners-
Sorry I was not at the evening runs this week. I just got over an illness and I wanted to make sure I stay healthy. However I heard many of you did indeed meet up for runs this week! Good job guys!!

I have had several people ask me 'who is racing this weekend'.
There is a great road race this Saturday at 9:45am in Cleveland put on by Hermes Cleveland. Please see the link below. There is a 2-mile and 5-mile race!
I have to work but I will be with you in spirit!!
If you do race, please send me your results, pictures, etc.

Please feel free to commit on this post to follow who will be attend the race this weekend and to help coordinate rides, who to look for, etc.

The next group run is this Friday at 3pm.
See you then. -Even if it's snowing I WILL BE THERE!!! 3PM.

Under the 'group runs' tab you can find the Saturday/Sunday trail run information as well.
Happy Running Y'all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Volunteering for Jackson Laughs

Hey Kent State Runners!
Volunteers are need for the April 9: Jackson Laughs 5k/25k

This event need volunteers to assist with aid stations and rolling road blocks for the 25k course. Jackson Laugh road race is on behalf of the National Fragile X Foundation. For more information, visit I have been assisting with this event and it would be awesome to see the Kent State Running Club out in full force!

To sign up for volunteer, contact Ben Koberna at:

Next group run is Wednesday at 6pm. See you then.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catch A Leprachuannn..ah Little Green Dude. Race.

So what if I am not able to spell leprachaun without spellcheck :)

A few brave runners did not let this Sunday snowfall get the down as they braced themselves for challenging 5k and 15k road race events. Therefore Louie and Adam get the award for KSU Run Club Runners of the week. Yay! If anyone raced this weekend please let me know so I can add you to this list!

Louie ran an impressive est. 1:03:00 for the 15k taking first in his age group. Adam is a beast running his second 5k race!!! Congrats and a job well done!

Other notes:
Upcoming group runs
Monday 9 AM & 6 PM
Wednesday 6 AM & 6 PM

Friday, March 4, 2011

This Weekend's Race Information!

Sunday, March 6: Catch a Leprechaun 5k-15k-30k in Elyria, Ohio
Link for more information:

Several of us are planning at race the 'Catch A Leprechaun' race in Elryia this Sunday morning. The races (5k/15k/30k) start at 8 AM. I know I am leaving Kent by 6 AM. Come out and JOIN!

Friday @ 3PM
Monday @ 9 AM
Monday @ 6 PM
*Always meeting at the Student Center*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trail Running Clinic & Wednesday's 'Graveyard' Run

I know a lot of you are interested but are not quite sure about this thing called trail running. Here is your chance to get familiar with in and join several others getting the 'run down' from Grunt Girl Racing trail runner great Lee Connor.

:  The Ledges
Time:  8:30 am
Speaker:  Lee Conner
We will be raffling off a pair of Montrail Shoes, hydration, nutrition samples and other store goodies.  The store will be open to clinic attendees only...special discounts as well!!!
RSVP to :  (me) Sara Harper (  and I will forward your RSVP to the organizer of the event.
Stay tuned for more details and invite anyone and everyone you know!! All are welcome, it's a clinic for newbies, men and women combined!!!!

Wednesday's 6pm Group Run:
Attendance continues to grow in the cool weather in the evening group runs. 5 of us showed up for a great run this evening. We ran towards the Crain bridge-Hike N' Bike-left into the development-pass the graveyard, left on 43 by the HS, left on Crain bridge and through downtown to the Kent State campus.
Here is a link to the route as well:

Great run tonight guys! Good 6 miler run. Don't worry we can always shorten and modify our run for anyone who shows up. Come out and join! I had minimized the amount of mud so Greg wouldn't have to worry about his Newton shoes getting a little dirty..It's not like they are..ah just shoes! :)

Come out and join!!!
Happy Running