Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running in a Winter Wonderland

So 4 of us were awesome, insane, crazy, hardcore, dedicated whatever you want to call it. Jeff, Jacub, Greg and I met at the Student Center on campus once more and trekked on over to Louie's apartment. Ran up 6 flights of stairs found his place just by running down the halls looking for first names (HAHAHA). He didn't feel like running and I don't blame him. Then proceeded onto the Dix Stadium pathway same as we did Monday night. Snow and slush and puddles galore. Crossed a few bridges covered in like 2 inches of the stuff. On the way back we took a detour through a snowy unmarked path into the woods. Was it actually a shortcut? who knows.. it was adventurous.

- 4.7 miles lots of snow.. hoping for better weather around here somewhere.

See you all on Friday April 1st

3pm right?

- Adam

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  1. Snow makes the worst running weather ever. My eyes were shut for the entire run today. Here's hoping it'll be gone by the weekend.