Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kent Read Kent Write Kent Remeber It's Almost February!

Kent Read Kent Write Kent Remember It's Almost February!
Hello hello!
Just a few small items today:

1) I have placed the t-shirt order. I have ordered a few extras. 1-medium and 2-small shirts can still be available to purchase

2)As for the shirt order, it should take around 4 weeks for turn around and for me to receive them. THEREFORE-I will step up a small meeting most likely for 7pm on a Tuesday evening in Nixson so those who have ordered a shirt or want to purchase one of the extras, may in fact do so. That meeting will be around the end of Feb/beginning of March.

3) Saturday Trail Run! (And Sunday if you prefer!)
Lydia came out and joined me and the rest of the GGR Gang (15 or so runners) for a great trail run this Saturday morning. This upcoming Saturday, Feb 5th, I have to take a CPR Certification class at the rec center at the same time.

If you would like to run with this group-here is the information:
Saturday, Feb. 5 10:15 a -Oakhill Trailhead, multiple loops in the same area, choose your own distance and time, 1-2 hours. Bathrooms but no running water.

Sunday, Feb. 6
8 am Ledges Shelter.  Multiple loops available, choose your own distance. Restrooms and running water.
Saturday, Feb. 12 10:15 am – Cover Bridge/Perkins Trail where Wheatley Road becomes Everett Road. Intersecting Loop Trails, 5 mile main loop.  Bathroom, no water. ****I will be doing a light-light run this day because I (Sara Harper) am racing the 15k Run with your Heart race in the North Chagrin Reservation.

4) I heard we had good turnouts throughout the week! Keep up the good work and please post flyers I sent out from the previous email in your buildings!! What to run with more people?? Recruit!

If the snow, cold, and lack of sun (unless you stick your head under your desk spot light) is starting to get it you and ya could USE a little motivation--Read this article about Lisa Smith-Batchen. She is the urban dictionary's definition of committed.,7120,s6-243-297--13747-0,00.html

All of us at some point, wore an old pair of shoes down to the bone...maybe you could poke your toe out which you explained as a great ventilation system, or you fell in love with a busted pair of flippy floppies that you could never part with-that is until now.
Foot Smart-Got Injury? Your everyday shoes can prevent injuries so why not read up not this article?,7120,s6-240-323--13251-0,00.html

I leave you with quote from the late-the great-Steve Pre:
"A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more."

Don't slack. Don't make Excuses. Just Run Smart

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Group Runs, Cool-Fun-Interesting Facts, Pick-up Run

Both group runs today went off well from the feedback I heard. Great to hear guys!! Don't worry I promise Spring will be around the cover in no time!

Cool-fun-interesting fact #1 : Running in the snow adds the resistance-therefore it takes more energy to overcome it...Basically those runners who run outside in the snow (safely) on most occasions are FASTER in the spring than those runners who are confined to those blasted treadmills!

A few of the runners said that they were going to run tomorrow night-same starting/end point. C'mon out and join for some winter running fun!
...(I will be spending some much needed quality time with my bicycle-but I highly encourage you to go out and run!)

In other NEWS! Jeff V. will be our new Treasurer for the Spring 2011 Semester...
Wanna help out? There is still a position available-Historian! Email me for details!

Greg Kovats was nice enough to send me a link to for some much needed tips for RUNNING in COLD WEATHER. Let's be honest, Northeast Ohio feels like the North Pole these days...If you haven't heard me mention it before: FROSTBITE IS FOREVER!!!!  So be smart! Check it this article with important tips!
4 Cold-Weather Running Tips for Beginners

Again-Saturday's Trail Run
Pine Hollow-Quick Rd
Arrive at 10am-start run at 10:15am
Please RSVP to me so I know to look for you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Meeting Minutes!

Open to-undergraduate, graduate, staff and facility members!
All abilities levels are welcomed!

**All runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will start and finish at the SAME location. This is the main entrance JUST INSIDE of the Student Center. The main entrance is where the double staircase, indoor fountain, bookstore and market are located.**


*Saturday morning group runs will take place in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park-mostly likely on trails or the towpath (crushed limestone paths). The Saturday runs will differ every weekend so please check the blog here for weekly updated or email me on the location of those runs.*

Saturday January 29: Trail Run
Pine Hollow, Quick Road
10:15 a.m.
5 to 6 mile run

February 19, 2011-Chili Bowl Classic 5k
                Location: Cleveland-Tower City
March 6, 2011-Catch a Leprechaun 5k & 15k & 30k
                Location: Avon Lake area-NCN Racing
March 12, 2011: St. Malachi Run 5mi & 2mi
                Location: Cleveland-Hermes Cleveland
March 19, 2011: Strongsville Super Saturday 5k
                Location: Strongsville-recreation center
April 2, 2011-Black Squirrel 5k
                Location: Kent-recreation center
April 9, 2011-Jackson Laughs 5k &25k
                Location: Kent-Dix
April 23, 2011-Hermes 10 Miler
                Location: Cleveland-Edgewater Park-Hermes C.
May 15, 2011-Cleveland Rite Aid 10k/Half/Full Marathon
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A SHIRT, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY I AM PLACING THE ORDER THIS FRIDAY! I would appreciate at least a $10 deposit if possible so I don't need to put them all on my credit card.
Details of the shirt design can be found on the previous post.

If you are interested, please contact me, Sara Harper at
We need a:
(1) Treasurer-Assist me with different aspects of the running club and come up with fund-raisers for our club
(2) Historian-Do you like to write? Then this is for you! Assist me with keeping updates about the club on the blog and/or create a website for the club.
-Field House track interval workouts-beginning most likely in March/April
-Fundraiser this April
-Jackson Laughs Event on April 9!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update on the Shirts!

I just back to official shirt "price estimate."
$16-18.00 dollars.

Here is a link to the base shirt that will be printed:
Color: Gold
Wicking T-shirt that is perfect to run and workout in!

Front Logo with "Kent State Running Club"

Back Logo: printed on the gold color shirt

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shirt Orders!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give you all an update on this shirts.
For those of you that might not know, we will be placing our first order very shortly-hopefully at our FIRST MEETING: Jan 25 (Tuesday) at 7pm-Nixson Rm 102.

Front: Kent State Running Club (blue lettering)
(KSU Logo)-screen print
shirt color will be yellow/gold in technical material-not cotton.
Back: Run Like You Stole Something (letter color black or blue-depending on cost difference)
Black Squirrel-screen print.

I will have the updated version posted online here probably in a day or so. I finally found a person to go through for the design. PLEASE-especially if you would like to place an order, and cannot attend our first meeting-tell me prior to Jan 25.

Price estimate is $15 each. Not bad considering front and back print and lettering and its a material that is COMFY to run in! The shirts will be at cost! WE are not charging extra or making an profit on them either. This is a great way how we can represent ourselves. With that being said, if anyone thinks the back print of the shirt might be a problem-please submit an alternate idea.

Thanks Guys.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jackson Laughs and More!

Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k Event:
Please come out and support the Jackson Laughs fundraiser to support the National Fragile X Foundation. This organization is coordinating research, legislative efforts, and support services. Your support translates directly to getting us closer and closer to a cure. On April 9th 2011 at Kent State Universities Dix Stadium, there will be a 5k, and a 25k. You can register for the event at under Jackson Laughs, or you can go directly to Can’t make the race and would still like to support us. Visit where you can donate directly. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Please come out to support the cure for Fragile X.
Let's step up KSU Run Club and show up in full force to this wonderful event! Worried you will not be ready. Get running now! You have 3 months to prepare! This also is an great event to help prepare yourself for that spring half or full marathon!

Let's get out and support other sporting events at Kent State University!

Hi all, I recieved some information of the Center of Student Involvement about a sponsored basketball game for us-that are involved in student organizations.
The poster advertises food, fun and prizes. We are college students-who turns down free food? Really?!

The game is held on: Sunday, January 23 at 2PM
KSU MAC Center
If you interested in attending, please contact me at so I can give a headout! Thanks!!
SOGD-Save the Date jpg.JPG

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spring Running Club Meeting

Hi Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break. Now it's time to get back to steppin' on the road, trail, or if you dare....the Treadmill.

Our first (MOST IMPORTANT MEETING) of the semester is coming up on January 25th at 7 PM at the Nixson Building Rm 102? The kitchen...On the first floor-ya cant miss it!

It will only be 30-45minutes tops and the agenda will include:

Electing New Officers-The Historian and Treasurer will be replaced this semester due to lack of involved of the elected in the fall semester. If you want one of these positions, please let me know. I will describe what it entails at the meeting.

T-shirts-we have the design finalized. I need to find an affordable printer for THE Bomb design! Haven't seen the design? Go back two posts I believe....Once I find a printer and get prices...ill be collecting and takin orders!

Base Training-Yay! winter....sometimes I wonder if I'll ever run after this week. Anyway I have started base training running and on the bike for that matter. Basically-long(er) and slow(er) miles. Hit me up ( if you wanna join. I am still kicking here in lovely Kent over the break. I'll Be a Runnin!!!

Late Winter/Spring Races-So you wanna set a goal and have something to work towards, take a look at some races. There are links to races that I have either attended in the past and/or will race again this season and I give 'em 2 THUMBS UP

Here we go:
Run with Your Heart, trail race including a 8k & 15k in the Chagrin area on Feb 31 Registration is almost closed for this one!

Catch a Leprachaun 5k & 15k & 30k, located in the Avon area, takes place on March 6 All road baby. Alot of the miles done within the local bike lanes..and residential streets. (2 years ago-pouring rain and about 35 degrees. There was no need for ice...The body was numb, numb, numb...

Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k, located here in Kent to support a GREAT CAUSE!
Proceeds for this event to go the Fragile X Organization. Jackson was born with the genetic mutation and effects 100,000 Americans.  The race will begin at the Kent State Dix Stadium and will be an amazing event. Not ready to race? Volunteer! I can contact the race organizer to set it up. I've talked with Jackson's father, the race organizer, and said that I would do the best to make sure that the Kent State University Running Club would come out in full force!!
Jackson Laugh's Facebook Page:!/pages/Jackson-Laughs/165709780113966

In conclusion:
The first meeting is scheduled
WHEN: Jan 25
WHERE: KSU,  Nixson Building Rom 102-AKA The Kitchen
TIME:7 PM-7:45PM

Be there of be square!