Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Group Runs, Cool-Fun-Interesting Facts, Pick-up Run

Both group runs today went off well from the feedback I heard. Great to hear guys!! Don't worry I promise Spring will be around the cover in no time!

Cool-fun-interesting fact #1 : Running in the snow adds the resistance-therefore it takes more energy to overcome it...Basically those runners who run outside in the snow (safely) on most occasions are FASTER in the spring than those runners who are confined to those blasted treadmills!

A few of the runners said that they were going to run tomorrow night-same starting/end point. C'mon out and join for some winter running fun!
...(I will be spending some much needed quality time with my bicycle-but I highly encourage you to go out and run!)

In other NEWS! Jeff V. will be our new Treasurer for the Spring 2011 Semester...
Wanna help out? There is still a position available-Historian! Email me for details!

Greg Kovats was nice enough to send me a link to for some much needed tips for RUNNING in COLD WEATHER. Let's be honest, Northeast Ohio feels like the North Pole these days...If you haven't heard me mention it before: FROSTBITE IS FOREVER!!!!  So be smart! Check it this article with important tips!
4 Cold-Weather Running Tips for Beginners

Again-Saturday's Trail Run
Pine Hollow-Quick Rd
Arrive at 10am-start run at 10:15am
Please RSVP to me so I know to look for you!

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