Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spring Running Club Meeting

Hi Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break. Now it's time to get back to steppin' on the road, trail, or if you dare....the Treadmill.

Our first (MOST IMPORTANT MEETING) of the semester is coming up on January 25th at 7 PM at the Nixson Building Rm 102? The kitchen...On the first floor-ya cant miss it!

It will only be 30-45minutes tops and the agenda will include:

Electing New Officers-The Historian and Treasurer will be replaced this semester due to lack of involved of the elected in the fall semester. If you want one of these positions, please let me know. I will describe what it entails at the meeting.

T-shirts-we have the design finalized. I need to find an affordable printer for THE Bomb design! Haven't seen the design? Go back two posts I believe....Once I find a printer and get prices...ill be collecting and takin orders!

Base Training-Yay! winter....sometimes I wonder if I'll ever run after this week. Anyway I have started base training running and on the bike for that matter. Basically-long(er) and slow(er) miles. Hit me up ( if you wanna join. I am still kicking here in lovely Kent over the break. I'll Be a Runnin!!!

Late Winter/Spring Races-So you wanna set a goal and have something to work towards, take a look at some races. There are links to races that I have either attended in the past and/or will race again this season and I give 'em 2 THUMBS UP

Here we go:
Run with Your Heart, trail race including a 8k & 15k in the Chagrin area on Feb 31 Registration is almost closed for this one!

Catch a Leprachaun 5k & 15k & 30k, located in the Avon area, takes place on March 6 All road baby. Alot of the miles done within the local bike lanes..and residential streets. (2 years ago-pouring rain and about 35 degrees. There was no need for ice...The body was numb, numb, numb...

Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k, located here in Kent to support a GREAT CAUSE!
Proceeds for this event to go the Fragile X Organization. Jackson was born with the genetic mutation and effects 100,000 Americans.  The race will begin at the Kent State Dix Stadium and will be an amazing event. Not ready to race? Volunteer! I can contact the race organizer to set it up. I've talked with Jackson's father, the race organizer, and said that I would do the best to make sure that the Kent State University Running Club would come out in full force!!
Jackson Laugh's Facebook Page:!/pages/Jackson-Laughs/165709780113966

In conclusion:
The first meeting is scheduled
WHEN: Jan 25
WHERE: KSU,  Nixson Building Rom 102-AKA The Kitchen
TIME:7 PM-7:45PM

Be there of be square!

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