Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Rec Center Track run

Well not an official meetup time, but made some small plans to maybe meet each other at the Rec tonight. Got there around 7pm Greg and I found Louie and Jeff and ended up doing speed intervals tonight. (My first interval workout) Warmed up with a mile probably what like 9 min? Someone let me know.. maybe even in the 8's we were cruising. Started a pyramid 200m fast 200m slow up to 400. The 3 of them pulled away a bit. Small water break in between. Greg, Louie, and Jeff started their 800m race pace as I did a 400. Ran for a good 35min or so total. Definitely the hardest run I have endured. Did a small amount of lifting after. Topped it off with a basketball shoot around. See everyone tomorrow for running club.


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  1. Wednesday DIx Stadium run almost torched my retinas with wind, unbelievable this is April. Solid pace though, it's too bad this weekend won't in all likelihood be good racing weather with the events coming up.-Jeff