Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Awaits

Hi Runners-
This weeks evening Monday and Wednesday 6pm runs were well attended. Even some of the original run clubbers Kelly and Lexie came out on Wednesday. Great to see everyone...Who didn't all..cough[Greg Kovats].. : ) After Adam mentioned he might be sleeping, our Monday night run had a mission wake up Greg and off to Campus Pointe we went!

Greg had a good point however for someone who does not like running in the mud...

If the Kent State Running Club was able to have a table at the Black Squirrel 5k and/or Jackson Laughs 5k/25k near registration, would we be able to find 4 volunteers total to talk about running club?
For example if the race beings at 8am, would anyone be willing to volunteer on behalf of the club from say 7:30ish-9:30ish approximately? I don't want to approach the race directors just yet if no one is willing to help..Email me at and tell me your thoughts!

The next group run is Friday at 3pm. Remember attendance might be slower than usual with Spring Break...I might be there...TBD. I will be at the Saturday trail run. Details are posting are the group run tab.

Ode to Spring Break in Cleveland
Oh how I look forward to gray skies and gray lakes
As long as it is not snow, I will get what I can take
TNT Tanning will give me my perfect bake
Who needs the perfect wake?
Instead I will eat cake
And make
and BA poem about my SPRING BREAK!

Oh yeahh my English teachers would be so proud...So wait till next weeks poem about the black squirrel. Yes I am serious.

Enjoy the week off. You deserve it. Give yourself a hug!

:  The Ledges
Time:  8:30 am
Speaker:  Lee Conner
We will be raffling off a pair of Montrail Shoes, hydration, nutrition samples and other store goodies.  The store will be open to clinic attendees only...special discounts as well!!!
RSVP to :  (me) Sara Harper (  and I will forward your RSVP to the organizer of the event.
Stay tuned for more details and invite anyone and everyone you know!! All are welcome, it's a clinic for newbies, men and women combined!!!!


  1. Hey Sara I was there to :P- Jeff

  2. Oh damn! You are right there Jeff-I'm sorry I forgot you were one of the originals too!

  3. BTW Louie and I are running today (Thurs) at 6:00 pm at the Student Center if anyone wants to come for an impromptu run.

  4. Sorry I was out on the bike. Hope you guys had a great run!