Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

3 of us Jeff, Louie, and I met up at the student center today at 3pm. Was quite warm and yet a little breezy, much better weather for a run. Amazing what 2 days can do from Snowing to Sunny. Oh Ohio. Anyways, we decided to do that 5k course they have marked around campus a few days early. Ran up East Summit to Main and then just around the main bus hub past the music center and all the way around towards the Ice Arena etc. The "big loop" as I am now calling it. Today was definitely some form of high school tours of the campus. There was groups of about 10-50 walking around different areas of the campus. Why does someone always feel the urge to yell "Run Forrest Run" when they see a group of people running by them? LOL like first off haven't they ever seen another running movie? and 2nd Forrest Gump wasn't even about running... it was a small part of that movie. Well I stopped on 1 loop a little over a 5k. I know we started at like 3:15 and I was sitting in my car by 3:42 so not sure what the time was I wasn't wearing a watch but i'm like the pace none the less. Jeff and Louie continued to do a 2nd loop i'm not sure on the details, I know they picked up the pace for sure.

See everyone monday possibly over the weekend in the rec.



  1. Jeff did one more loop with me, I did 2 more and went for about 1hr 40 minutes. Felt Great!!

  2. I had to rest because of a cramp in my right ab. I've bumped my weekly mileage to over half since I've started running with the club this Spring. I'm hoping that is the strongest residual effect I'll see.

  3. You will def get stronger!
    Just make sure you are increasing your mileage appropriately to avoid injury, burnout, and general fatigue. Strength training days at the gym are a great addition to any running training program too.