Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Spring Semester Group Run

Thanks to those who could make our last group run today! The weather was actually descent followed by some delicious muffins and coffee provided by the Alumni Association!!

Running Club Awards:
KSU Club T-shirt: Jason
Disturbing the Natives Award: Jeff
Best Muddy Shoes: Greg
Most Improved: Adam
Volunteering Award: Lydia
Volunteering Award: Hannah
King of the Mountain: Jacub

  • We will have group runs in the summer to be determined. I will personally be running with the Crooked River Trail Runners group on Thursday nights in the CVNP.
  • The Races tab has been organized and updated with a wide variety of races. Please send me race results within a week of your event to stay organized.
  • I hope everyone enjoyed the run stop at Second Sole! Reminder there is a discount with your Flashcard ID.

2011 Fall Semester
The run time will stay the same:
Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Friday 3pm
Weekend Runs: TBD

  • Mass Email: I am working on sending out a mass email to all Kent State University
  • Freshman Blastoff: Passing out flyers for new undergraduate students (weekend before school begins)
  • Kent Stater: Run times listed under the 'events' section of the newspaper
It has been a great semester everyone. Good luck on finals!
Sara :)

P.S. I posted more pictures from the past semester and I am starting to post routes with links, distance, and a category: easy, moderate, advanced. I am preparing for mass crowds with this mass emailing and planning ahead!

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