Monday, April 4, 2011

Warmest Day of the Year

So what if it's raining or the thunderstorm warnings or the massive down pours that promise to hit. It's time for a RAIN RUN! 6PM-Student Center-Be there.

Next upcoming runs:
Today 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Friday 3pm
Saturday: Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k Event!
Come out and support a great cause! If you aren't up for running, please consider volunteering for the event! Post a comment or email me at if you have any questions!

I still have a few Kent State Running Club shirts for sale if anyone is interested and representing good ole Kent State! See you guys out there this week!


  1. can i buy a small and wear it as a scarf?

  2. Yes you can Adam!
    You will be stylin if I do say myself :)