Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jackson Laughs Race, Mugs & Muffins and the Monday Factory Run!

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well as we approach the end of the Spring semester. I have been speaking with the  the Kent State Alumni Association. They are putting together an event for us-The Kent State Running Club called “Mugs & Muffins” along with Student Organizations across campus.  The Alumni Association would like to stop by during one of your last meetings of the year to provide your organization with coffee and muffins.  The Alumni Association is trying to build relationships with other student organizations to see how we can both work together on future endeavors. 

So mark in down!
We are celebrating the end of the Spring semester after the April 27 Wednesday 6pm group run. At 7pm in the student center's Hub we will enjoying "Mugs & Muffins" with the Kent State Alumni Association! I am trying to get my hands on some donated running products to raffle off and if that is not enough- I will be giving out awards for the 2011 Spring KSU RUN Club! Even if you cannot make the run, this will be a great way to recap the semester.
I will also go over some information the the 2011 Fall semester.
(1) We will have a booth at Blast-Off. This is an event that highlights different organizations on campus to new students.
(2) Renewing paperwork for Fall
(3) Briefly discuss officers for next semester. Voting will take place in September.

The Factory Run!
A few of us went out for a great rain run following the 'factory route'. I think Jeff named it-Once going towards downtown Kent, make your way to Lake Street where you can enjoy the site of the factories down to Second Street. The link of the route is posted shortly.

Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k:
April 9: Jackson Laughs 5k/25k
This event need volunteers to assist with aid stations and registration. Jackson Laugh road race is on behalf of the National Fragile X Foundation. For more information, visit http://www.jacksonlaughs.com/. I have been assisting with this event and it would be awesome to see the Kent State Running Club out in full force! Feel free to email me for questions at sharpe1@kent.edu.

I will have flyers for the Kent State Running Club with me at Jackson Laughs 5k & 25k. I would be greatly appreciate if a few members wouldn't mind passing out these flyers to help promote the club on campus! If your interested in helping, let me know!

I promised y'all I was going to post the squirrel song.. It goes something like this.....Black squirrel, black squirrel shake your bushie tail, black squirrel, black squirrel shake your bushie tail, wrinkle up your little nose, put a nut between your toes, black squirrel, black squirrel shake your bushie tail!

The end of the year celebration will take place at 7pm (following the Wednesday 6pm night run) in the student center! Mugs (coffee) and muffins will be provided by the Kent State Alumni Association.
-Awards will be given out
-Possibly some raffle prizes
-Free food and cool people!
What's not to love?

Jackson Laughs 5k/25k this Saturday starting at the Dix Football Stadium!
Be there!

Peace out. Sara

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