Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi guys!

I have a few reminders!

On Wednesday, April 27 at about 7:15pm will be our last meeting of the year held in the Student Center Hub..It will take place after the 6pm group run and the Alumni Association will be providing Mugs (coffee) and Muffins while getting to meet our group!

I have a few awards to give out and some small SWAG for you guys..BUT You MUST ATTEND to RECEIVE.

Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler race is quickly approaching and if you plan on signing up for the Cleveland Rite Aid marathon...the price will continue to increase towards race day. Sign up soon!!

1) Please let me know if you will be around this summer/next fall
2) If you would like to contribute to writing on our blog-email me at
3) I am filing the paperwork to have a booth at the Blast-Off event next year that highlights student organizations. I will need some help guys.
4) Starting in the Fall Semester I will have group runs listed under the Kent Stater's 'group events' to help increase attendance.
5) I will need volunteers in late August to help post of up flyers in building around campus in preparation for the Fall semester.
6) If you would like to run as an officer-let me know.

That's all.

I cannot attend the group run tonight. Have fun guys. -Sara

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