Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Rain Run

My legs felt great today as I 'broke' in a new pair of trail shoes from Pine Lane to just short of the Boston Store in the rain with Jeff. For months I haven't felt good on the trails due to injury, etc but today was great and I didn't even fall!!

Once I got back to Kent I went to another another jog for an easy 1 mile then did 2 x 1/2 mile intervals with a 1 mile in between on the track. Let's just say there is still some life in my legs..I wasn't trying to go all-out but ran my splits in 2:49 then 2:44. I'll take it.

Training is getting back to being more consistent. School has been throwing off my rhythm lately. Tonight if I can muster up the effort I'll try to do a light trainer ride while tomorrow will consist of an early gym workout lifting, and a training ride between 2-5pm. Sorry again guys I will be missing the KSU group run. It'll be my birthday though I can do what I want right?

Thursday I'll be at the CRTR group run for the epic Easter egg followed by the Lizard...Saturday I plan on going to RATL racing well I'll see how the legs feel.

That's it yo.

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  1. Do I go to running club even when I'm otherwise doing something else? Who is this "Jeff" you speak of? I'm pretty sure I was busy last week :D