Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kent State University Running Club Minutes!!

Hi everyone!
The following are the minutes from our meeting this evening.
If you have any questions, please email me, Sara Harper, sharpe1@kent.edu
September 7, 2010:
Short introduction of the KSU Run Club
     *all skill abilities
     *open to undergraduate, graduate, staff of KSU
-New Organized Run Times:
      Mondays-Thursdays: 6:30am
       Mondays-Thursday: 5:30pm
      We changed the Meeting Location to the main entrance of the Student Center.
      To as clear as possible we will meet just outside of the main staircase thats inside of the student center
       There arelockers that are available to rent out for free for the semester if needed. See the information desk of the student center for full details.
Future KSU Run Club Events-Creating Tech T-shirts
A "Tackle the Tower" Event was dicussed. Ex: Running up the library stairs contest. *I will look into this*
The current idea for the shirt is a black squirrel bandit with the saying "Run Like You Stole Something"
Any ideas please submit to Sara Harper, sharpe1@kent.edu, and they will be presented at our next meeting where we plan to finalize shirts.
Briefly discuss the tentative race calendar
Ex: Bowman Cup on Oct. 9 in Kent, Ohio
Electing Officers for the KSU Run Club
Guidelines of our constitution were followed and overseen by our Advisor-Jodie.
The officers include the following:
President-Sara Harper
Vice President-Hannah Hughes
Secretary-Toria Stahl
Treasurer- Miranda Pomiecko
Historian- Laura Frear
Question & Answer Segment-
running days/times were confirmed.
Post Meeting:
Please keep in mind our next meeting will most likely be the first week in October.

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