Thursday, September 9, 2010

Race Volunteers Needed

Alright I know most college students don't exactly "plan ahead" but there are exceptions to this stereotype.
Anyway-The Kent State University Running Club has been asked to assist with volunteering at the Towpath 10k, Half, & Full Marathon on October 10, 2010.

KSU Running Club in association with Grunt Girl Racing is planning on 'running' one of the water spots on the course. If you have ever participated in a road race event you know how much time, effort, and planning occurs to make it happen. If you appreciate that, give up a few hours in the morning and give back to the community!! :)
If you need more incentive...volunteer hours LOOK GREAT on a resume!


  1. Awesome!!
    I'll keep you posted on information as the date gets closer

  2. Was looking to volunteer at a race. Sounds good!

    ~Petko Ittvan