Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updated Routes

Town routes are finally being all uploaded...That is if the website will upload!
In one month we will attempt to restart our group runs beginning on Monday, August 15 @ 6 PM.

The running schedule is as follows.
Monday 6 PM
Wednesday 6 PM
Friday 3 PM
Saturday TBD trail run. Information will be posted here for a different location every Saturday

Meeting Place:
Just like before, we will meeting just inside the double doors of the Student Center between The Market and University Bookstore. (By the indoor water fountain)
Time: 6 PM means be there by 6:05 PM. If you are running late-we will wait for a few minutes and begin stretching. AT THE LATEST-the group LEAVES at 6:15 PM.

Email me, Sara,  at    


  1. If anyone wants to run tomorrow July 15th, I'll be back in Ohio for a day really need to get a run in. Hit me up :)

  2. Hey its Sara-call me. Id be down for an easy evening run!