Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Updates for the Fall Semester!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

Few Updates:
I am turning in paperwork to renew the Kent State Running Club with student organizations tomorrow as well as funding paperwork and the Blastoff  "Freshman" Student Organizations Event the Sunday before class begins. I will need some volunteers to help out August 28 5:30-9:00pm to pass out flyers and represent KSU RUN CLUB!

Club Dues:
At our first meeting we will finalize $10 per member for the Fall and Spring semester for club dues. This will go towards flyers,  a Kent State Running Club banner, and food provided for meetings that will take place monthly at the beginning of the month. If we have excess funds leftover-they will be applied purchasing Kent State Running Club shirts.

Design ideas for the logo are more than welcome as we go into our second printing of Kent State Running Club shirts.

Post your Race Reports!
Let us know what you have been doing this summer!!

Fall Semester Group Run Schedule!
Mondays 6PM
Wednesday 6PM
Friday 3PM
Saturday TBA Trail Runs

Shout outs!
Congrats to Adam at his latest Tri back home in Annapolis!
Congrats to Greg who finished his first IRONMAN!!
Congrats to Louie at busting out a great 5k at Kent's Tree City race this past weekend.
Keep up the great work guys :)

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