Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Group Runs Today Cancelled

Hi gang-

The only time group runs are cancelled is when Kent State-main campus closes. Run at your own risk-be careful.

If you are still interested in a shirt-I have 2-small shirts left. Email me:

Upcoming Runs: Saturday/Sunday trail runs
**Please note I will not be able to attend on Saturday but I do reccommend it!
If you would like to run with this group-here is the information:
Saturday, Feb. 5 10:15 a -Oakhill Trailhead, multiple loops in the same area, choose your own distance and time, 1-2 hours. Bathrooms but no running water.
Sunday, Feb. 6
8 am Ledges Shelter.  Multiple loops available, choose your own distance. Restrooms and running water.

The next group run is scheduled for Friday-3pm. Remember we are meeting at the main doors at the Student Center-We will wait till 3:10 (10mins late-if we know to expect you).

Keep spreading the word about the Kent State Running Club! I love getting emails from people who are interested in joining!

Okay so now it's time for the random link of the day-it's a good one!
Billy Joel's-Running on ICE!!!! YES

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  1. Is anybody thinking of doing the Saturday Oakhill run? Or does anybody think it will be too icy and recommend not doing it?

  2. I don't think it will be too icy. The sun is out today so the run should be really ice tomorrow morning. -Sara

  3. Thanks Sara I'm going to do it

  4. Thanks Sara it was awesome! You were missed but I said you had to do cpr refresher. Have a good workout whenever your next one is - knowing you that will be today plus 4am tomorrow or something :)

  5. Yeserday's workout was a lighter one. I went cross country skiing in Kirtland and today I have been 'putting off' my long ride outside. I had been hoping to ride outside putting in 80-100 miles but it looks like I have to reschedule it for indoors. I will probably get started here shortly!