Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running Club-The Takeover

So it begins. The plan is to have a flyer on every board on Kent State-main campus of course. Let's see those numbers at group runs continue to grow!

Greg was nice enough to offer modifying the current flyer to add those handy-nandy tear-off tabs to the bottom of the flyers. I am asking the officers in particular to hang up flyers. Once it's approved-100 Copies hopefully will be posted on boards across the Kent campus. Running Club is takin' over. If you too would like a few copies to hang up-let me know and I get you a few!

I hope everyone enjoys their snowday today. Sleep in (I was just too excited and woke up at 6:30am anyway), enjoy the day off, and be safe! Remember it is indeed icy today. I would not suggest running outside, if you do, wait till midday. This is just one of the those days where the recreation center might be a better option. You can have serious injury falling on ice-use precautions!

Article of the Day!
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Runner's World:

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