Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Raceday & Monday Night Adventure Run

Happy Monday!
Now don't act like you are so excited to be entering the 8th week of the semester?!? CRAZY.
Okay down the businessessess. (This is how I type/think after caffeine and past 11pm)

Monday Night Adventure Run
Greg, Jake? (ahh I am sorry I cannot quite remember your name) and myself went on quite the 'adventure' run today. I decided to guide them on the river run. Well-the river is flooded. I mean FLOOOOODED. We detoured a few times and when we came to the covered bridge traveling West bound on the hike n' bike trail it then became dangerous so we made our way back to Kent State. I am sure Greg is cursing me out for getting his Newton running shoes wet...The run was at a moderate pace with Greg putting in a BEASTLY 14 MILES...He said he felt squirrely. Rest of us stopped at a solid 4-miler run for the night. Great run guys. I enjoyed it. I was able to get in another 3. Very successful day indeed!

Sunday Race day
The Kent State Running Club is going to represent at the NCN Racing Catch a Leprechaun 5k/15k/30k running road race this Sunday with races beginning at 8 am. 5 racers from what I hear will be participating in a combination of all three events. I will be there cheering, snapping some sweet race pictures in support and/or running. TBD Saturday afternoon for me, but I will be there! On the fence? C'mon out and be apart of it! A link is posted on the previous post.

Link of the Day:
The 'pain in the arse' subject that is never really discussed...Glute Strength and the importance of working this key muscle group.,7120,s6-238-263-266-13852-0,00.html

Lastly, if you are interested in being added to the Kent State Running Club Email List-send all inquiries to Sara Harper at Only myself, Sara, has access to this list and it is kept private. After writing up a new post-once a week I send the link and any other important information out in a short email to the list recipients. You may also request to be taken off the list at anytime. I do it to help you-the runners-get the information you need.

Happy Running!

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